What does it mean to be re·mark·a·ble?


1. notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary: a remarkable change.
2. worthy of notice or attention.

I was living a “good” life, a good family and marriage, good friends and social life. I was still missing something in my everyday life. I was always “waiting” for something great to happen, but it seemed that the “great thing” or opportunity kept passing me by. I was always reacting to life’s ups & downs. Then I read a book by Jim Rohn, “Take Charge of Your Life”.

Then I did it, I took charge of my life, accepted responsibility for where I was in life, for the good, bad and indifferent. I made the decision to change my attitude about ME. It changed my whole perspective on life and how to have a PLAN to RESPOND to life not react. Everyone has ups and downs in life. That’s just how it is, but you don’t have to be defined by those circumstances. YOU define who you are REGARDLESS of life circumstances. Life reacts to YOUR definition (perspective) of Life, how YOU see your life.

Recently, I had a “hellish” year in my life. Lost my job, my wife left me and the kids, couldn’t afford the house we were in and everything in my life was going to pot. I found myself unemployed, divorced (with two kids living with me), a foreclosed house and a bankruptcy, all in the same year. But I had an unwavering faith, a great attitude (that everything was going to work out) and an awesome support system of family and church community. I made it through!

I am an average guy with an above average attitude, living an ABOVE average life. I CHOOSE to live a reMARKable life and that’s what I get from it.