Renew Your Soul

Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Thrive on Being Challenged!

Today I begin a New Life!
(The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino: Scroll 1)

You cannot create a new life with your old ways, attitudes, and behaviors. When you are attempting greater things to become more than you are right now, you must go where you have never been before. You must do things differently, things that you have never done before. You must go outside of your comfort zone. This is not easy.

You must force yourself to break out of your comfort zone where it is safe and secure. There is no growth where it is safe and secure! You must break through all your self-imposed and self-limiting barriers. You must abandon your old ways of thinking. You must stop doing your old habits, stop thinking of bad attitudes, and stop doing bad behaviors.

It is at the point of confusion that you must never quit or mentally give up because you are about ready to experience an enlightened breakthrough. All major breakthroughs are preceded by moments of frustration and confusion. What is happening is that your old habits, your old attitudes, and your old behaviors are being challenged. This is called PROGRESS!

You are moving forward. You are learning. You are becoming wiser. You are becoming greater than you have ever thought possible. You are no longer the victim of your circumstances but you are now becoming the creator of your destiny!

Your mind, body, and spirit thrive on being challenged. Every thought and cell of your body is energized and operating at heightened levels of awareness, quickness, and intuitiveness. When everything about you is operating at peak levels of performance and top efficiency, you will feel that you are on top of the world. You will feel like the champion you were created to be!

TODAY – Begin your new REMARKABLE life!

What is True Happiness?

There are some who believe that happiness is a feeling that comes from positive circumstances in life. Having money, good job, great relationships and the like. However, happiness can be present in the negative things in live. Not that experiencing a negative circumstance can be a happy event, but you can experience happiness quickly after the event. I believe that happiness first happen in your mind. Now I am not talking about a “new age” consciousness, but a purposeful, training of your conscious mind.

There are some that believe “faith” is what brings true happiness and I agree that faith can be a huge contribution to happiness, but I know many people who have a strong faith, who are miserable. So faith alone, does not guarantee happiness. In fact, the bible instructs us to “renew our minds” (Romans 12:2) by thinking (on) about the good things in life, (Philippians 4:8). The BIBLE. The book for people of “Faith”.

You want true happiness? Have faith, but also train your mind to think, even meditate on happiness. Eventually it will become 2nd nature (subconscious) thought and even the negative experiences will become easier to get through.