Renew Your Body

Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Thrive on Being Challenged!

Today I begin a New Life!
(The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino: Scroll 1)

You cannot create a new life with your old ways, attitudes, and behaviors. When you are attempting greater things to become more than you are right now, you must go where you have never been before. You must do things differently, things that you have never done before. You must go outside of your comfort zone. This is not easy.

You must force yourself to break out of your comfort zone where it is safe and secure. There is no growth where it is safe and secure! You must break through all your self-imposed and self-limiting barriers. You must abandon your old ways of thinking. You must stop doing your old habits, stop thinking of bad attitudes, and stop doing bad behaviors.

It is at the point of confusion that you must never quit or mentally give up because you are about ready to experience an enlightened breakthrough. All major breakthroughs are preceded by moments of frustration and confusion. What is happening is that your old habits, your old attitudes, and your old behaviors are being challenged. This is called PROGRESS!

You are moving forward. You are learning. You are becoming wiser. You are becoming greater than you have ever thought possible. You are no longer the victim of your circumstances but you are now becoming the creator of your destiny!

Your mind, body, and spirit thrive on being challenged. Every thought and cell of your body is energized and operating at heightened levels of awareness, quickness, and intuitiveness. When everything about you is operating at peak levels of performance and top efficiency, you will feel that you are on top of the world. You will feel like the champion you were created to be!

TODAY – Begin your new REMARKABLE life!

Hitting a Wall

I am now going into my 10th week of recovery from rotator cuff surgery. Physical progress is being made and the range of motion of my arm and shoulder is amazing. I am into the 5th week of my plans to make improvements to my food intake and increase my level of activity. Through this, I hope to make a huge impact on the next 20 years of life. 

I have been doing physical therapy 2x a week. I still have pain in the shoulder, but I am able to keep that down to a level of nuisance pain. I can still go about my day and be productive. I have also started at a local gym for 1x a week working on the fundamentals of posture, breathing, and balance. My shoulder recovery will take another 3-5 months and my balance, endurance, and strength will take a bit longer than that.

I have started a good practice of being mindful of what I am eating and how much, and I have lost 15 pounds since my surgery. I have researched several diets and meal plans, but I keep asking myself the question: Can I sustain this diet for the next 20 years? There are a LOT of great diets that will help me lose 50+ pounds in 2-3 months, but can I continue (sustain) that diet for 20 years? These quick result diets just can’t stand the test of time, over many years, only lifestyle changes can sustain this.

Now I feel as if I hit a brick wall. Not so much with my head, but what’s IN my head. This past week has been difficult to stay on task with my food intake and activity level. With all the holiday feasts, parties and treats, I have lost track of most of the things I wanted to track. My goal wasn’t to really track every calorie, carbohydrate, or pound, but to begin to eat less, more specifically, half the amount of food I would normally eat at a meal. Then, I haven’t been able to get to “mall” walking and bike riding as often as I wanted to. So needless to say, not a lot of progress.

The past several weeks is not all lost and I don’t have to start all over. I know I have made good progress each week and now there has been ONE week with little or no progress. I just wanted to say it “feels” like hitting a brick wall. This week, I will pick up where I left off. I will not try to make up for poor choices, I will just begin to make better choices again. Even though it is Christmas week and there are more feasts, parties, and snacks to be had, I will make better choices in everything I eat. I will also make better choices in my activity by walking a mall, swimming in a pool and riding a bike while I am in Minneapolis this week.

I Can DO This!

In It For the Long Term

It’s been 10 days since I had my “coming to Jesus” meeting with my neurosurgeon and neurologist. They told me the BEST THING I could do to avoid certain surgery for my neurological problems is to LOSE WEIGHT. They didn’t say, chiropractor, physical therapy, or any other type of “treatment”, simply lose weight. Not the “simple” prescription I was looking for.

So for the past 10 days, I have been researching all the “lose weight” programs, pills, and diets and decided to simply eat right, eat less, and be more active. I thought to myself, if I were to do a program, take pills or do the latest & greatest new-fangled diet, could I do one of these for the next 20 years? I understand that the purpose of many of these programs is to just give someone a quick result, I am not sure I could afford to any one of them for the long term over the next 20 years.

I had to be sure I had a plan before I say anymore to you about what I plan to do for myself. I don’t know if what I am doing will work for anyone else. My plan is for me. I encourage you, if you are looking for a weight loss program or plan, be sure it is something you can sustain for the next 20 years. Better to plan for the long term.

MY PLAN? Eat half of what I would normally eat and eat more healthy (greens & unprocessed) and increase my activity any way I can.

Ready, Set, GO!

Making a Life Long Change

So I recently visited with a neurosurgeon and neurologist regarding my neuropathy in my feet. After a blood test and an MRI of my lumbar, they felt there is a combination of nero issues and blood sugar issue that MAYBE affect my feet and legs.

Their independent consultation (prescription): Lose Weight.

I have heard this for years and now it has come to the reality that this is the number one thing I can do to avoid certain surgery and deepening neuropathy and other health issues.

So beginning December 1st of 2019 I will be starting a healthy life plan. I will not be doing any sort of “quick” weight loss diet, because I want the changes to be lifestyle changes. So my journey will be measured, paced and permanent, and I will journal my steps and progress here so you can follow along.

You Are What You Eat

It’s a common saying, “You are what you eat”, but do you know what you are eating? I have been reading about the food that ends up in our grocery store and I am not sure it’s too healthy for me.

Recently watched the documentary “Foodmatters” and took away a few interesting thoughts about the “industrialization” of our food chain. Now I did consider that most of the information in this video could have been skewed by the producer to make the industrial growers of our crops and processors of our meat to be money hungry institutions looking out for their bottom line, but I also had to consider what was being presented had some element of truth as well.

If you can access the video online, I ask you to watch it for yourself and see if it at least causes you to think twice as to what you are buy at the store and putting in your mouth. I know I am thinking twice, maybe even a third time about what is in my food and what is in the other products I buy to clean my house and my body. When you are instructed to use rubber gloves to protect yourself from the bathroom cleaner and you choke after getting a whiff from the fumes, you wonder what these trace amounts of cleaners are doing to your skin and mucus membranes (eyes, throat, lungs). What other things are causing your body to react with rashes, aches and pains? Even worse, what is happening inside your body (that you can’t see or feel) that shows up 15 years later?

With the recent focus on organic foods and products in our society, there must be an awakening amongst other people than just me about what we eat and use in our homes. It behoves me to at least take a closer look at what I am consuming and understand for myself what is harmful and what is not. Don’t rely on the advertising and marketing to tell you what a food or product is really about.

Live a REMARKABLE life!