You Are What You Eat

It’s a common saying, “You are what you eat”, but do you know what you are eating? I have been reading about the food that ends up in our grocery store and I am not sure it’s too healthy for me.

Recently watched the documentary “Foodmatters” and took away a few interesting thoughts about the “industrialization” of our food chain. Now I did consider that most of the information in this video could have been skewed by the producer to make the industrial growers of our crops and processors of our meat to be money hungry institutions looking out for their bottom line, but I also had to consider what was being presented had some element of truth as well.

If you can access the video online, I ask you to watch it for yourself and see if it at least causes you to think twice as to what you are buy at the store and putting in your mouth. I know I am thinking twice, maybe even a third time about what is in my food and what is in the other products I buy to clean my house and my body. When you are instructed to use rubber gloves to protect yourself from the bathroom cleaner and you choke after getting a whiff from the fumes, you wonder what these trace amounts of cleaners are doing to your skin and mucus membranes (eyes, throat, lungs). What other things are causing your body to react with rashes, aches and pains? Even worse, what is happening inside your body (that you can’t see or feel) that shows up 15 years later?

With the recent focus on organic foods and products in our society, there must be an awakening amongst other people than just me about what we eat and use in our homes. It behoves me to at least take a closer look at what I am consuming and understand for myself what is harmful and what is not. Don’t rely on the advertising and marketing to tell you what a food or product is really about.

Live a REMARKABLE life!

What is True Happiness?

There are some who believe that happiness is a feeling that comes from positive circumstances in life. Having money, good job, great relationships and the like. However, happiness can be present in the negative things in live. Not that experiencing a negative circumstance can be a happy event, but you can experience happiness quickly after the event. I believe that happiness first happen in your mind. Now I am not talking about a “new age” consciousness, but a purposeful, training of your conscious mind.

There are some that believe “faith” is what brings true happiness and I agree that faith can be a huge contribution to happiness, but I know many people who have a strong faith, who are miserable. So faith alone, does not guarantee happiness. In fact, the bible instructs us to “renew our minds” (Romans 12:2) by thinking (on) about the good things in life, (Philippians 4:8). The BIBLE. The book for people of “Faith”.

You want true happiness? Have faith, but also train your mind to think, even meditate on happiness. Eventually it will become 2nd nature (subconscious) thought and even the negative experiences will become easier to get through.

Handling Change

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker who stated she doesn’t like change. She likes the predicability of a regular daily routine. Many people feel the same way.

Change happens around and to us everyday, if not every minute. Most of it we don’t even notice the subtle changes to our routines. In the morning we waking up, get dressed, and use the bathroom. It’s pretty routine, until you notice there is no toilet paper left. The routine is interrupted, but only by another routine of going to the closet and getting more toilet paper and putting on the holder (to roll off the front of course). Now you are out the door, heading to work, on the road you always take and just then another driver isn’t following your driver courtesy rules of the road and speeds up in front of you, not allowing your to merge in front of them, even though you had the right of way. There are thousands of these little changes to our daily routines that we don’t pay attention to, and we seem to handle them in stride, sometimes.

Everyone can relate to these feelings, but it’s not the actual “change” we don’t like, it’s the unforeseen, unanticipated, unpredictable and involuntary change we are forced to deal with because we did not create it, nor can we control it. We can handle all the changes we make for ourselves, but not the ones that are done for us by other people or by earthly (or spiritual) forces around us. Like losing a job, a limiting health issue, divorce. It reminds us that we are NOT in control of what happens in our lives, 100% of the time. However, we are 100% responsible for how we react or respond to it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could handle life’s bigger changes in the same way we handle the everyday, mundane changes that happen all the time? You can, but it takes time and a conscious effort to train yourself to respond to changes in your life without stress. Now I didn’t say it would be easy, fun or comfortable, but maybe, just maybe with a little less stress. Here are a few things you can do:

Accept the fact, Change is inevitable. Even your most secure, routine situation, at some point in you lifetime, it WILL change. Knowing this you could prepare yourself for it.

Have a Plan B. Here’s where the real work comes in. Waking up everyday with the knowledge something might change today, I can go through the day and not be surprised when something goes out of my control. My response is (or should be) “There is a purpose for this.” Teach yourself to have a mindset that everything has a purpose. We just may not know what it is at the very moment. This takes regular practice. It is not something you just say to yourself and it sticks. There is years of habitual training you did on how to react the wrong way. Take the broken record off the player and create a new one. There is an old audio cassette recording entitled, “Take Charge of Your Life” by Jim Rohn. It’s now converted to CD & you can order it online. I found it at my local library for free. Very helpful when you decide to take on this challenge in change.

Have Faith. I am not a expert on the Bible, but I believe in what it says regarding the purpose and plans God has for my life and yours (Jeremiah 29:11). I must trust that He does know what’s going on and will use it for good in my life. Regardless how disastrous I feel a situation is, I remember that God didn’t fall asleep at the wheel or He fell off the throne. He IS there, He knows what is going on and I need to rest in that fact.

There is a million other ways you can handle change, but I have found these 3 basic steps (along with a few others) have helped me stay sane in my world of inevitable change. For you, maybe this is just a place to start. You have to start the process somewhere. Start with these. Get Jim Rohn’s audio recording. Tell me about your progress. Send me a question. I really want to know if what I am writing here is making a difference in your life.

Choose to Live a REMARKABLE Life!