What is True Happiness?

There are some who believe that happiness is a feeling that comes from positive circumstances in life. Having money, good job, great relationships and the like. However, happiness can be present in the negative things in live. Not that experiencing a negative circumstance can be a happy event, but you can experience happiness quickly after the event. I believe that happiness first happen in your mind. Now I am not talking about a “new age” consciousness, but a purposeful, training of your conscious mind.

There are some that believe “faith” is what brings true happiness and I agree that faith can be a huge contribution to happiness, but I know many people who have a strong faith, who are miserable. So faith alone, does not guarantee happiness. In fact, the bible instructs us to “renew our minds” (Romans 12:2) by thinking (on) about the good things in life, (Philippians 4:8). The BIBLE. The book for people of “Faith”.

You want true happiness? Have faith, but also train your mind to think, even meditate on happiness. Eventually it will become 2nd nature (subconscious) thought and even the negative experiences will become easier to get through.

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